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ACA graphic design club Webinar 01: Fundamental concepts in designing

The graphic designing industry has become a trendy major that gets a lot of attention and selection from students recently. This major has an important role in most of the fields with a potential of expansion in the future with an increase in workers’ demand and job diversity.

Products of graphic designing are no strangers to us, they are not only art pieces that require high art standards, but also things that we see on daily basics: billboards, web UI, product packaging… ACA graphic design clubs in schools are not only a place for students to share their designing passion but also a place where specialized skills are honed through guidance from the teachers.

To aid ACA graphic design club activities, IIG Vietnam will create a series of Webinars to introduce and equip fundamental designing knowledge such as space, form, color, typography, layout, visual knowledge, image, …, understand what makes a good design, graphic design rules, how to use purpose-built design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, …), … The more important thing is how to utilize all the learned elements to design unique and tasteful designs.

Details about the first seminar:

Webinar 01: Fundamental concepts in designing – Join in to have a better understanding of graphic concepts, photography terminologies, colors… fundamentals to start nurturing passion. More importantly, we will meet ACA 2018 Ambassador Thảo Nguyên, who had achieved Bronze Medal in ACAWC 2018, as a special role: inspirational speaker to guide participants when participating in ACAWC and share her experience in the competition.

Time: 9 a.m. Sunday, April 11, 2021

Link for attending: (the webinar link will be open 10 minutes prior to the start of the event)

The ACA Certificate is considered as the “golden” certificate in graphic design with many positive points: the only international Adobe certified graphic design skill judging tool, signed by the President of Adobe, and has a worldwide value with no expiration date.

By approaching the ACA when still studying, students will be equipped for the highly competitive job market, especially when graphic design will become an essential skill for future jobs in the age of technological revolution 4.0.Rewatch ACA graphic design club Webinar 01: Fundamental concepts in designing at:



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