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Launching the international English contest – TOEFL in Hai Duong for the academic year 2020-2021

TOEFL – one of the largest international English competitions nationwide will be held in Hai Duong on January 24, 2021.

In the 2020-2021 school year, with the consent of the Department of Education and Training in Hai Duong, Hai Duong Provincial Center for Foreign Languages and Informatics Education continues to be a partner with IIG Vietnam to organize the International English Competition for elementary, middle and high school students in the province. To participate in the contest, parents and students can register at their school or register online at the following link: before the deadline on January 15, 2021.

Phát động cuộc thi tiếng Anh quốc tế TOEFL tại Hải Dương năm học 2020-2021

TOEFL Competition in Hai Duong uses the TOEFL test system of the American Educational Testing Service (ETS) including TOEFL Primary, TOEFL Junior and TOEFL ITP as criteria for assessing English language ability of students. participating candidates.

For the Primary level, students will take TOEFL Primary Step 2 (for students in grade 2 – 5). For the Secondary level, students will take the TOEFL Junior test (for students in grades 6-9). All test takers will receive TOEFL Primary or TOEFL Junior international score reports. The TOEFL International Scorecard helps students know their level to build an effective learning path and opens up opportunities for them to enter quality schools at home and abroad. In particular, the best Primary and Secondary students in the competition also can participate in the TOEFL Challenge National Ranking Final Round and compete with the best candidates nationwide.

Especially for high school, students will be able to take the TOEFL ITP test. This is a unique opportunity for them to be exempted from the high school graduation English exam and meet the conditions for direct admission to quality universities. Since 2014, the Ministry of Education and Training has stipulated that students with TOEFL ITP scores of 450 or above will be exempted from the English high school graduation exam and receive a 10. Besides that, many universities (National Economics University, University of Economics – Hanoi National University, Hanoi Law University…) have also chosen TOEFL ITP as one of the priority conditions for admission. 

The TOEFL competition not only creates a useful playground for students, but also provides a measure of international English proficiency by the prestigious TOEFL test and the opportunity to own valuable international score reports, by that:

  1. Help students track the improvement in their English ability year by year.
  2. Particularly for high school students, helping them to be exempted from the English high school exam and be admitted directly to quality universities.
  3. Help parents see the effectiveness of their children’s investment in English learning in the past year, see if the training programs and English centers they have chosen for their children have been effective.
  4. Schools and teachers evaluate the quality of teaching and learning, thereby orienting to build and innovate their training methods.

To prepare for the contest, please refer to the information on the format and structure of the exams at the following website: In addition, elementary and junior high school students can refer to the ELC English learning program – TOEFL Primary/TOEFL Junior orientation program built by the American Educational Testing Service (ETS) to prepare. For details, please check:

The Department of Education and Training in Hai Duong highly appreciates the positive meaning of the TOEFL English competition and encourages students to assess their English proficiency with prestigious international tests such as TOEFL Primary, TOEFL Junior and TOEFL ITP. This promises to continue to be an exciting English playground, actively contributing to the movement of learning and training English skill for students right from the time they are still in school. Wish you all the best in your studies and good luck in the competition.



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