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Many high school students in the provinces have English proficiency equivalent to university level

English has long been known as the advantage of students in big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. However, the recent results of the TOEFL ITP shared by the IIG Vietnam show that the reality is different now.

The TOEFL ITP of the American Educational Testing Service (ETS) is increasingly trusted by the Departments of Education and Training across the country to assess English proficiency for high school students. In the 2020-2021 school year, a large number of students in provinces such as Phu Tho, Thai Binh, Hung Yen, Nghe An, Ha Tinh… were tested with this prestigious exam and achieved remarkable results.

Exciting achievement from TOEFL ITP test results

According to the results of the TOEFL ITP of high school students in Phu Tho province recently, nearly 90% of the total number of test takers have achieved B1 level or higher (above 450 points) according to the Reference Framework and Common European Language (CEFR) is equivalent to Level 3 of the Vietnam Foreign Language Competency Framework. Especially, up to 60% of the total number of candidates who took the exam achieved B2 level or higher (over 500 points), equivalent to the output standards of the high-quality system of some of the top “top” universities.

In Thai Binh province, although it is the first time to familiarize and rub with the international TOEFL ITP test, high school students in the province have achieved extremely proud achievements with 84% of the total number of students. The students who participated in the exam reached the level of B1 or higher, of which 52% of the students reached the level of B2 or higher.

The above results show that the English proficiency of many high school students in localities such as Phu Tho, Thai Binh and Nghe An not only meets but also far exceeds the goal of Level 3 output for high school students according to the Competency Framework. six-level foreign language of Vietnam. Their achievements partly come from the focus on training as well as efforts to comprehensively renew English language teaching and learning according to international standards of the Departments of Education and Training of different regions. side. The progressive direction of the Departments of Education and Training opens up many opportunities for students in the area to have access to world-class learning and assessment methods such as TOEFL ITP; help local students’ English level keep up with the requirements of the times.

Advantages of TOEFL ITP test

TOEFL ITP is an international standard English test designed by the American Educational Testing Service (ETS) and brought to Vietnam by IIG Vietnam – the national representative of ETS.

With the preeminent advantage of being an accurate measure of English proficiency through the following skills: Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, structure and expression, the fee is reasonable (only 1/4 of the other international tests) so the TOEFL ITP test has been chosen by many high school students to practice in recent times. Based on the test scores obtained, students recognize their strengths and weaknesses in their English learning process, thereby promptly adjusting their learning methods accordingly. With the score of 450 in TOEFL ITP or higher, high school students also receive a 10 and exempt from high school graduation exam in English, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training since 2014; At the same time, priority is given to admission or direct admission to many prestigious universities such as National Economics University, Academy of Journalism and Propaganda, Academy of Posts and Telecommunications Technology…

In addition, TOEFL ITP results are valid for two years, so students can review, take the exam and get a certificate from the end of 10th or 11th grade. This helps them reduce the exam burden and spend time practicing other subjects.

With the right orientations from educational authorities and schools, access to prestigious international assessment standards such as TOEFL ITP has really brought many benefits to students. It is hoped that in the coming time, more and more high school students across the country will “benefit” from the preeminent values brought by TOEFL ITP.

Truong Thinh – Dan Tri



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